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Besides holding and doing public discussion forums, Bakrie Center Foundation also routinely publish e-newsletter from our partner institutions, which contain current issues and news from world politics. We publish our newsletter to our database through email. The purpose of this newsletter is as a proof of our commitment and awareness to the world of politics as well as education. Herewith the examples of our newsletter.



Public Discussion Forum & Videoconference

In its primary objective towards International issues, International Program Division from Bakrie Center Foundation puts Public Discussion Forum & VideoConference as its primary program to foster the knowledge regarding international level of policy and public discussions, to all levels of society. One of BCF’s commitments to provide supporting roles in the development of future leaders, the global vision of a leader must be up-to-date, comprehensive with sharp analysis from world renowned experts.

BCF’s main objective in the Public Forum & videoconference program is to convey key information to our target audience in ASEAN-related issues and policies, while we also view this forum as an integral part of our leadership development program.  Internally, it would provide strategic positioning opportunities for the future of BCF as an ASEAN-focused institution.

As part of an enhancement master plan to overhaul the videoconference program, BCF is progressing to collaborate with the 10 ASEAN member countries, ASEAN Foundation, ICWA (Indonesian Council on World Affairs), Kementerian Luar Negeri Republik Indonesia, Habibie Center as well as continuing ongoing partnerships with US, China, and British Embassies. We also expand our partnership and good relations with other Foundations, and also Universities in Indonesia (partners and non-partners).


Our Partner Embassies:

– Embassy of The United States of America

– Embassy of The People’s Republic of China

– Embassy of The Kingdom of Great Britain

– Embassies of all ASEAN Countries

Our Previous Public Discussions & Videoconferences