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The Crisis with Russia


This edition is a collection of papers commissioned for the 2014 Aspen Strategy Group Summer Workshop. On the occasion of the 30th year anniversary of the Aspen Strategy Group (founded in 1984), the Summer Workshop in Aspen, Colorado convened a nonpartisan group of preeminent U.S.-Russia policy experts, academics, journalists, and business leaders. The group's policy discussions were guided by the papers found in this volume, whose scope ranges from exploring the history of the U.S.-Russia relationship, current developments in the Sino-Russian relationship, the NATO and European responses to Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, energy considerations, areas of potential U.S.-Russia cooperation, and finally, the broader question of U.S. national security and interests in the European region.

Belfer Center-affiliated contributors include:

  • Nicholas Burns (co-editor)
  • Joseph Nye (Foreword, along with ASG co-chair Brent Scowcroft)
  • Graham Allison, “Russia, the Ukraine Crisis, and American National Interests”
  • Meghan O’Sullivan, “The Unconventional Energy Boom: Bad Timing for a Revanchist Russia”
  • Kevin Rudd, “Sino-Russian Relations”



Additional contributors include: John Beyrle (U.S. Russia Foundation), Stephen Biegun (U.S. Russia Foundation), Stephen Hadley (RiceHadleyGates, LLC), Wolfgang Ischinger (Munich Security Conference), Lilia Shevtsova (Moscow Carnegie Center), Angela Stent (Georgetown University), and Strobe Talbott (The Brookings Institution).

The Aspen Strategy Group's Policy Books is an annual series of pieces on the United States most pressing foreign policy and national security issues written by contemporary thought leaders.

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For Academic Citation:

Burns, Nicholas and Jonathan Price. The Crisis with Russia. Queenstown, Md.: Aspen Institute, Fall 2014.