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Stadium Generale Anindya Bakrie - ITB

Pada tanggal 23 Oktober 2013 Pak Anindya N. Bakrie berkesempatan untuk mengisi kuliah umum di Institut Teknologi Bandung. Pada kuliah umum ini Pak Anindya memberikan wawasan pada mahasiswa dan kalangan akademisi mengenai Entrepreneurship.


Video Conference 'The Changing Strategic and Economic Landscape of Southeast Asia'

The Video Conference aims to draw expertise from the Carnegie Endowment and from Indonesia to discuss and to share perspectives on the changing strategic and it's influence on ASEAN economic situation in 2014. The event has been held in @ America, Monday 27 January 2014 with Doughlas H. Paal (USA), Shubham Chaudri (World Bank), Dewi Fortuna Anwar (Deputy for Political Affair, Indonesia), Sjamsu Rahardja (World Bank, Indonesia) and others as panelists.

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